trumpet in b flat audition solo 1c

Applicants in bassoon should prepare 2 contrasting works or movements (one slow/lyrical and one fast) from the standard solo repertoire for bassoon or cello (e.g., Mozart Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major, K. 191; Telemann Sonata in F minor, TWV 41:f1; or other standard works of the candidate's choosing). ‰ œœœœœ f & 31##>œ.>œ. 168 in C (senza sord.) Piston 1 in A Allegro moderato (J 120) 180 192 solo Cornet (Bb) 80 åepvortreteud 6 82 PPP BANDS . Orchestre de la Suisse Romande – Solo Trumpet Deadline: 12/13/20 Audition: 1/23/21. Solo Muted inc@l > mate. Junior Oboe: Audition Solo 1C, Moderato. USAF Band of the Golden West – Trumpet Deadline: 12/13/20 Audition: 1/29/21. The trumpet also features a lightweight design, meaning it ideal for expert play occasions. Trumpet; Tuba; All State Band Recordings Tuba. (B-flat in 1910, C in 1919) is the only difference between these two versions. Donizetti – aria from Don Pasquale. This should be played in a legato style, very loud but still under control and with good intonation. x��˲��q��x��l�Ԣ�̔lƬ��,��eڨ� �jITW��n��G���^Bk=�V���$� ��ڬ��p�ůx~�������������������k7�k��^��4��}7^>|�����n��l~��}{i/���w������{c�̩ma��v}��3k��,���Y}}��ܰ���mzm�ڵ�վN����.HC��|(���f(5l>6m{m_��~����u��//3�6$ڷ��v�0���c�x��Y�pڥ�c��o��`�ЊL�b���۸�HК�V�������ePr�G"3h�S/� 8�ȠA����1�\��Vd �H�ﭳv/[� Andantino is a slightly happier tempo than Andante. Junior Trumpet: Audition Solo 1C, Andantino. ‰ œœœœœ >œ. The 2020 All-State/Region audition solo: J. Ed. Solo may be one or more movements or a selection of a larger work totaling no more than 10 minutes. It basically means "at a walking pace" – something to keep in mind while working on it. stream Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn – 1./2. Accompaniment is not required. = 66) œœ. AUDITION REPERTOIRE SPRING 2018 TRUMPETS! 4. The advantage will go to the players that observe them. Trumpet (in B-flat) - Audition Solo 1C Timing App: 1:00 © 2015 Brad Edwards. Preliminary round excerpts will be heard in the following order: Etude No. 4 0 obj At the slower tempo it is easy to rush this melody by not holding notes their full value. SCBDA Region/All-State Junior Trumpet Solo 2017-2018 Region Band audition: use ending "a"; All-State callback: use ending "b" Title: 07 Trumpet 1C Author: Brad Edwards >œœ x�����ȑ�����0�X��oU�I/f%A�޸g�9��G�Ӓ�ۖ�|3����\�����I�$�>��c̟�}32��˯/���߷�O�_n���?A�]�! Finale (Reh. j œ p œœœœœœ #œ œ 3 œœœ˙ U & ## 86 26 œœœœ#œj a. F Allegro con brio (q. Junior Bassoon: Audition solo 1C, Moderato. Music until he or she passes the audition. 4 0 obj >œ. May I also suggest the following: Be careful to play 4-measure phrases, or the etude sounds contrived. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream ;�����q�0�_[%��p$2�6=��B��ӊ�9ܟ���� hER�Ā��;k��A�`���yX��Jn�$i�t�FE{���6���7~���η���a?lVێ�룅�y�v HK� �����~��1��Gi�Վ�'J �)�ޭ�j�ߦ�t�+7Us�>�Cp5yb�qH�y����k�mb�%��ש��~x2 Sg#�����h��:���'�]��Υ������l�+�t��޻�i�]�'qj���i5��0������; 7ɍ�� This solo should sound graceful and playful. No cornet, please.) %PDF-1.3 &4 4 œœœœœœœœ (q = 88)P Moderato œœœ˙ œ. J œ˙ cantabile œ. J œ˙ & 5 ‰ J œœ.œœ.œœ.œ f marziale œ œ ˙ œœœ#œœœ œ œœ P ˙ Ó & 9 œ >œœœ œ = 108) œ#œœœ. Addison – Concerto for Trumpet Albinoni – Concerto in B-flat, Op. !œœ J œœœœœœœœ œœ#œœœœœœ œœœœj‰‰ & 9 #œ. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for trumpet audition arranged by Hampsterking9000 for Trumpet (In B Flat) (Solo) The excerpt here is from rehearsal number 7 – note the quick tempo marking. For instance, this trumpet features the Bb tune key with excellent quality gold and silver body construction. %��������� Solo 1C: Learn More (still to come) Solo 1D: Learn More (still to come) Solo 1E: Learn More (still to come) Level Two (Early High School) Audition Solo Free download: Play Along (basic) Sound files so you can hear the solo part with a metronome click at 3 different practice speeds. Junior Euphonium: Audition Solo 1C, Allegretto grazioso. Prepare in both B-flat major and C major concert keys. Barat “Andante and Scherzo” Or. Marine Corps Musician Enlistment Option Program Audition Recommended Solo Material 1 of 8 LEADERSHIP THROUGH PERFORMANCE ... Bassoon Mozart/Weisburg Concerto in B flat major International Music ... Trumpet Handel/Fitgerald Aria Con Variazioni Franco Colombo This trumpet is a classic advanced level trumpet that bears all the features that popular trumpets of that style are known for. yژ�E���:N��K71!H�GT�g\�m�M����o�^���[�zg��ն��������r���&�m��|�t���1��Fi�Վ�� �S0�Y��T�M=j�ZWn��}�S��j����d�vM��|��dKp� �S?����� L��Ē��Ϣ�ׁL�'f�yX���[�����ܵ��x��Q�Vc��{бhͽ{}t�tH��!7�a�&���\a���i��^�M�%��F��5����К;^�Ukf�}�_��ٟ��:�������1���ѹ3������Rsړi���z�|���mq�- �z�%h�jW��t�e��4�v�^O/��6h��%u|�gtm�R�-H���mЌ�:�`�_Qu� ��s5y��4��׃9�Wy�kH�L�u�9��5�!J'�a���Tt��4�̞[�k�H�Z�ݱ�=֙ɴ[��� �ў�|�M��׉� �x�}����9�ᕢ o�ء��u�#)r�Ϳ��|����ty�.��u��K'5/?��;����^�]����� Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition (Ravel orchestration) Promenade Bizet - Carmen Suite No. Bach, Johann Sebastian : Great Works (Themes) (Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Air on the G string - Badinerie - Toccata and Fugue in D minor - The Musical Offering - Cello suite No1 - Brandenburg Concerto No3 & 4 - Et exultavit - Prelude No1 pi) Clarinet solo / 1 PDF / 1 MP3 Arranger : Dewagtere, Bernard 07 Trumpet 1C.musx, Page 1 Œ. This melody has many dynamic and articulation details. A key to achieving this character is articulation: make sure to follow all of the printed articulations — slurs, bouncy staccatos, and accents — carefully as you prepare. 2, “Du Style” from Etudes Transcendantes (Charlier) Trumpet in B-flat & b b bbb 43 ‰ œ œ œ œ œ F œ œ œ. j œ œ œ œ œ œ œ œ nœ nœ œ Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet- A collection of authentic parts in the public domain of audition excerpts for trumpet compiled into a book. A prospective candidate for the B.Mus. One movement from one of the following: Balay: Andante and Allegro Haydn: Trumpet Concerto Johanna Cox. What that means is that one should generally follow the contours of the melody: getting louder when the line goes up in pitch, and softer when it goes down in pitch. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for McM Scales & Audition Pieces arranged by Hoebel61 for Trumpet (In B Flat) (Solo) B♭ Cornet and Trumpet Petite Piece Concertante, G. Balay, published by Kjos, edited by Buchtel. Brandt: Etudes for Trumpet (Vacchiano edition preferred) Clark: Characteristic Studies Hering: 30 Etudes for Trumpet or Cornet or 32 Etudes for Trumpet or Cornet. in Music Performance (Trumpet) may declare a major in Music prior to the semesters stated above but will be listed as a candidate for the B.A. > œœœœœœ sub. Applicants should perform only on B-flat and/or C trumpets. Play from the beginning to measure 58 and from measure 110 to the end. !œœ‰ œ œœœj œ œ œ œœœœœœœœœ & 5 # œ œœœœ œ F œœ. As the terms indicate, strive for a beautiful, singing flute sound at the beginning of this solo. Saxophone Solo 1B: Learn More: Learn More Trumpet Solo 1C: Learn More: Learn More Horn Solo 1E: Learn More: Learn More Trombone Solo 1E: Learn More: Learn More Euphonium Solo 1C: Learn More: Learn More Baritone (TC) Solo 1C: Learn More: Learn More Tuba Solo 1C: Learn More: Learn More Clinic Band. 1 meas. ]��t�/�4^�n�|�|����3���|��������^>~}y��.�����S�� Piano accompaniments and duet parts available! Strauss – Ein Heldenleben – Reh. There is a saying in music that "up is up and down is down." Terms you should know in this solo: Andante cantabile Dolce Ritard Allegretto Con spirito Crescendo. Noticing that this piece is in G minor (not B-flat major) should help with pitch accuracy. Oboe. 15 - end) O This Finale portion is one of the most glorious and triumphant endings to any piece in the symphonic repertoire. French Horn Concerto, opus 8, Franz Strauss/Sansone, published by Southern Music (SS-352). If there is a marking on the page and it does not influence the sound then the ink is wasted. %PDF-1.3 8 6 œ œœ œœœ P Grazioso (q. &��v��3k>~�,�����v}«ܰ���}��U�Z�j�S7>��˟�P��7>����f(5l�>7m{k�C��t��y�����L�����7;c�X\ڱ}^ǩo�,�v��X. 7, No. Trumpet Deadline: 12/3/20 Audition: 1/14/21. (Version: 10/5/15) Piano accompaniments and duet parts available! This is most commonly performed on C trumpet, but is written in B-flat so, again, B-flat trumpet would be fine. Changes to Spring 2021 Audition Process Q: Will there be any live auditions as a part of this year’s audition process? Junior Tuba: Audition Solo 1C, Andante. before 134 (Allegro) Play letter A to letter B. A: No, undergraduate applicants can either schedule a live audition to be coordinated over Zoom, or they can submit a recorded audition. This piece may be copied freely but may not appear in another copyrighted work without permission. 3 Albrechtsberger – Concertino in E-Flat Major Anderson – A Trumpeter’s Lullaby Anderson – Bugler’s Holiday Antheil – Sonata for Trumpet Arban – 14 Characteristic Studies Arban – The Carnival of Venice Arnold – Fantasy for Trumpet ... encourage you to perform at least one piece/excerpt on a trumpet other than the B-flat (such as C, E-flat, or piccolo). ‰œœœœœœœj œ. œ. Excerpts may be performed on any trumpet. Solo. Applicants must prepare the following (in any order that works best for you) Arban Characteristic Study #1; Etude: One Concone Lyrical Study or equivalent (choose one that accurately reflects your abilities) Solo: One movement of a standard solo work OR 5-6 minutes from a single movement work A�����yk|ְ?jK��#��Cޯ_�&�� h��JI��� �����d. Everyone should prepare the etude and solo for their appropriate age group as listed on the ITG Conference Scholarship form. Junior Flute: Audition Solo 1C, Andante cantabile / Allegretto. in Music Performance (Trumpet). Paul Lavender Measure 10 through measure 30 1 Prelude (original notation in A) Andante Moderato Stravinsky – Petroushka; Trumpet in B flat. Only after passing the entrance audition may the student declare as a major the B.Mus. ���M��z�7ݗ�R����. Œ. ƒ>œ. Use either ending "a" or "b" ("b" is more challenging). for trumpet solos. &b ## 86 22 ‰œjœœœ.#œœ ‰j œ 3 œœœœ. Those auditioning for Symphony Band alone will only be asked for the etude, however UMass Trumpet … ***Live auditions for this area will be held virtually. Trumpet/Cornet Audition August 24-25, 2020 (Applicants may audition on B-flat or C Trumpet. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Orquestra Clássica do Sul – Solo Trumpet Deadline: 12/15/20 Audition: 1/19/21. because music is for all. Trumpet. Play letter D … Title: Trumpet … %��������� p œ J œœ. Taps Sight-Reading Section Playing Hymn to the Fallen John Williams 2nd Trumpet in B Pickup to measure 28 through measure 42 Measure 62 through measure 78 Summon the Heroes John Williams 4th Trumpet in B arr. 80 in B-flat Tchaikovsky – Capriccio Italien .

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