merlin arthur and gwen baby

Merlin smirked as he considered the Pendragon offspring. He put his hands on his back and whispered softly, "No you didn't. Arthur what do I do?". Every touch he had ever experienced before, even the gentle kiss that he and Gwen had shared, paled in comparison to how Merlin felt in his arms. Merlin snapped out of his day – dream and noticed Arthur with his head on Gwen's shoulder crying. [Merlin walks home while Gwen and Arthur ride the horses] -- [Morgana stands on the Griffin Landing staring worriedly out the window. How many seats did the Nazis have in 1933? arwen. The other knight Lancelet shook his head, "Why?" He slid down the counters and rested on the floor. Source: Arthur e Gwen. This surely would be the best moment of his life. He gazed at the infant in the arms of his mum. "One day, you will be a wonderful father Merlin.". Watch this Arthur and Gwen video, Arthur and Gwen/Baby are you down down down down down? Source: . What are you going to name her?". If you don't ship Arthur and Gwen then I sorta don't trust you.

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