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Commercial Staircase Designs. Detailed Metal Fabricators Whether you need a steel staircase or a complete steel building for your company, The Steel Group, Inc. is your first choice in timely and high quality metal fabrication. Our Mission at Nairobi Steel Fabricators is to work diligently and efficiently with every client ensuring a smooth and painless process, while we make their vision into reality. Steps – Steps are comprised of two sections, the tread and the riser. We pride ourselves on customised friendly service and advice, quality workmanship and a superior finish every time. Steel and site have been specializing in steel stairs and rails in the West Midlands since 1991. Metal work is a very precise type of work. Being one of the most leading steel staircase fabricators in Melbourne, we assure our commercial clients to get greater quality and budget-friendly prices. Call us now for details We offer free custom quotes for all your industrial, residential and mezzanine stair cases including balustrades and hand rails. The design, build and installation of a steel staircase needs’ expert precision and craftsmanship to guarantee a project’s unique specifications are met. We have built steel staircases for many different clients, our latest steel staircase projects include Kvadrat Showroom London and BBC’s Waking The Dead TV set. We have fabricated all types of … HIghly recommended - Dave. Steel Fabrication is a leading manufacturer and supplier of structural steel fabrication, balustrading, wrought iron balustrades and general metal work in Osborne Park, Perth, Western Australia. The external staircase is galvanized and … It is more durable and has superior strength, giving the opportunity for engineering slim architectural designs. Prefab Metal Stair. All stairs and railings are delivered and installed with a choice of rust-inhibitive, zinc-rich primer, powder-coated, or hot-dipped galvanizing. Architectural Staircase with Glass Balustrade. The steel staircase and balcony provide access from back of the house […] It takes years of practice and experience to perfect—not to mention the right equipment and right personnel to get the job done right and on time. Designing a Steel Staircase. We manufacture steel stairs to be approved by whatever document specified. Metal Staircases & Fire Escapes Whatever kind of metal staircases or steps you want, we can make and fit them for you. Our Steel Staircases are manufactured for indoor and outdoor uses. Elements of a Steel Staircase. * If the area of the building is less than 100 m2, the going may be reduced to 250 mm. Steel Fabrication in Perth. Often in steel staircases, the riser of left out, giving the flight an “open stair” look. A small private stair intended to be used by a limited number of people who are generally familiar with stair for example an internal stair in a dwelling serving one room not being a living room or a kitchen, access stair to a small room or plant in an office, shop, factory, not used by the public, or fire escape for a small number of people. Steel stairs designed to current building regulations. Carter Fabrications are the leading Steel and Metal Fabricators in the Lancashire. For outdoor Staircases utilising steel … Baker Steel Trading are specialists in all areas of structural steel fabrication and welding, including steel staircase fabrication.. Before we design a staircase, we would always come and inspect the building first in order to have a clear vision of what needs to be done in order to deliver the very best solution for the client. A large wooden staircase can require large quantities of lumber, whereas a 100% steel staircase requires none. The maximum pitch for private stair is 42°. We will work with you on your project to produce a steel staircase in a wide choice of finish to the highest quality. in various designs and styles. We Provide Steel Fabrication Services in Nairobi: Nairobi Steel Fabricators Specializes in Steel Fabrication in Nairobi Kenya, Steel Window Fabrication in kenya, Steel Gates Fabrication in Nairobi, Steel Doors in Nairobi Kenya, staircase Railing kenya: Your Steel Welders & Fabricators. We thrive on delivering our customers expectations and take time to understand your business staircase installation needs and logistics. AMME STEEL FAB, AMME STEEL FAB in Muscat.. About Us. Steel Staircase Fabrication We will construct your residential or commercial staircase, balustrades and framing to precise and accurate measurements at a standard that meets all New Zealand safety and design regulations. Steel Stairs . Utilizing the first-rate quality materials and some of the most skilled and highly accredited designers, our domestic and commercial staircase … KK Stainless Steel Fabricators is a master of stainless steel staircase, SS main gate, SS balcony, SS kitchen interior design, roof proofing ,car shed, ms grill gate and other grill works.. Our high performance of finished products provides the precision and expertise for all of your custom railing and fabrication requirements. We make gates, staircase, railings, balustrade, etc. This external metal staircase is designed and fabricated in mild steel and features one flight of stair stringers which give access to the side of the property. This also enables us to deliver every project on time and within the stipulated budget and never compromising on the highest quality we always deliver. Welcome to Eric Jones Melbourne, We are the leading specialists in steel stairs design, manufacture and installation.. Why Choose a Steel Staircase. These stairs lead to a mild steel and timber-decked landing. A maximum pitch of 42° is stipulated for domestic stairs. We manufacture stairs in accordance with current British Standards and comply with all building regulations. Call us now on 9002 7334. Get contact details and address of Staircase Fabrications firms and companies At our fabrication facility we are able to manufacture steel staircases to almost any design specification. We can provide attractive, strong, long-lasting, steel egress stairs with a metal pan, tread plate, or concrete treads that comply with local building codes. Friday: Factory 8:00 - 13:00 / Office 8:00 - 15:00. Specialising in Staircases, Fire Escapes, Balustrading, Balconies, and Gates. Welcome to Structural Steel Stairs, Sydney's leading steel stair manufacturer. The finished stairs and balcony were then fitted onsite. Galvanized Steel Industrial Spiral Stairs Industrial spiral stairs and platforms are no problem for Southern Metal Fabricators! 07973 205 888 Stairs serving a place where a substantial number of people will gather, with a maximum rise of 180 mm and a minimum going of 280 mm. Sydney's Leading Steel Stair Manufacturer, Commercial Residential and Mezzanine Staircases. Steel on the other hand is one of the world’s most recycled materials, with a global recycling rate of over 60%. Steel and site have been specializing in steel stairs and rails in the West Midlands since 1991. Peter Marshall Steel Stairs is a specialist company principally engaged in the design, fabrication and installation of highly engineered steelwork, staircases and balustrade systems. ** For the maximum rise for stairs providing means of access for disabled people, reference should be made to Approved Document M: access and facilities for disabled people. Stairs are designed to exceed the minimum design requirement of 4 kN/m2 as set out by BS 6399 : Part 1 : 1996 : Stairs and landings. Bespoke Steel Staircase Manufacturer. Steel Staircase Design Options. The Blake Group’s steel fabricators are experts in the design and manufacture of staircases. AL MUHARBI MODERN ENT is established itself in the year 2000 as a Sole Proprietorship firm in this industry. Structural Steel Fabricators Midlands | Steel & Site Ltd. Steel stairs designed to current building regulations. Staircase Fabrications Providers in India. Designed and fabricated in mild and stainless steel, Bradfabs expertise in straight staircase design and manufacture is unparalleled. Paragon’s prefab metal stairs offer high-quality, attractive staircase designs and are ready-to-ship in only 7 to 10 business days.If you’re in need of a quick and easy staircase solution and don’t want to sacrifice the integrity or code-compliancy of your stairs, prefab metal stairs are the ideal product for indoor and outdoor metal staircase needs. We pride ourselves on customised friendly service and … We provide a complete range of steel staircase and balustrading solutions for all types and sizes of spaces. Steel Metalworks highly skilled steel fabricators specialise in the fabrication and installation of Steel Beams and Structures, Steel Staircases, Metal Gates and Railings across London and the UK. Steel has a number of advantages over other stair building materials. With a vast range of straight staircases for single and multiple floored buildings; we deliver direct and install to homes, schools, offices and developments across the UK. National Steel Fabrication Ltd., is a renowned metal staircase provider and highly experienced in every aspect including design, building and installing with ultimate craftsmanship and precision. Covers all other types of buildings, with a maximum rise of 190 mm and a minimum going of 250 mm. Steel and Site can service projects of all shapes and sizes, whether it be residential, Private Steel Stairs – Residential Steel Stairs, * If the area of the building is less than 100 m, Factory 8:00 - 13:00 / Office 8:00 - 15:00. Steel and Site can service projects of all shapes and sizes, whether it be residential, commercial, institutional or industrial. All measurements were taken onsite for fabrication in the workshop. External Steel Staircase With Painted Glass Balustrade Panels. Email Us: Call Us: 020 8640 6999 WELCOME TO KK STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATORS. Steel staircase fabrication isn’t the type of job you want to trust to anyone that has a little skill in metal processing. A.B. Our experienced engineers can design and build new steel stairs and balustrades or replace your old and hazardous staircase at your home, workplace or factory. External Staircases and Fire Escapes. Steel Stairs. Welcome to A.B. The tread is the horizontal part of the step that the foot is placed on. Steel Stairs and Gates can deliver practical, commercial solutions with the strength, versatility and beauty of steel. The riser is the vertical portions between each treat. Wooden staircases are also almost entirely non-recyclable. I would highly recommend Structural Steel Stairs to anyone needing a new staircase or balustrades and handrails, they offer excellent service and advise I was more than happy with the results. Steel and Site can service projects of all shapes and sizes, whether it be residential, commercial, institutional or industrial. As a specialist staircase fabricator, we are used to supplying bespoke Steel Staircases, Retail Staircases, Industrial Staircases, Commercial Staircases, Fire Escape Staircases and associated products. For this project, our Louisiana-based customer requested two spiral staircases with platforms, to be delivered to separate locations. Intended to be used for only one dwelling with a maximum rise of 220mm and a minimum going of  220 mm. Q Fabs ltd can design, manufacture and erect any external fire escape or an internal Steel Staircase UK wide, be it a Straight Staircase, Spiral Staircase or an Helix Staircase complete with mild steel balustrade, stainless steel balustrade or galvanised key klamp Handrail.. Steel Staircase Fabrication London This outdoor steel staircase and balcony was installed last week for a client in Applegarth Road in Hammersmith, West London. Steel Doors in Kenya, Balcony grill designs in Nairobi kenya: Steel Welders and Fabricators in Kenya. Welcome to Structural Steel Stairs, Sydney's leading steel stair manufacturer. We can work with a range of metal treads, incorporating glass and stainless steel for that ultra-modern feel. Are you looking Steel Staircase for your house, then Steel Stairs & Gates is the best choice for you. We offer free custom quotes for all your industrial, residential and mezzanine stair cases including balustrades and hand rails. Let us exceed your expectations.

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