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Release Dates Series) Mavis Dracula is the deuteragonist of Hotel Transylvania. He summoned his fellow vampire bat monsters, but they were driven off by Dracula and his family and friends. She had waist-length black hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes. Winnie plays a bigger role in the sequel. Murray (voiced by CeeLo Green in the first film, Keegan-Michael Key in the second and third film and Hotel Transylvania 3: A Summer Vacation) is a fat mummy from Egypt who has the power to summon sandstorms or just sand and to cast ancient Egyptian curses. He was the first person besides Dracula to know that Johnny is a human. Gene (voiced by Patrick McKenna) is Mavis' uncle who first appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series. When he reminds one of the pups to not chew on his cape, the pup even says: "Sorry, Uncle Drac.". by cyclopfam Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Blobby accompanies Drac on a cruise. Andy Samberg in Hotel Transylvania 6 Frankenstein (or simply known as Frank) is one of Dracula 's best friends and one of the main characters of the Hotel Transylvania film series. When not spending time with his new love, Griffin does not hesitate to give Drac dating advice -- all of it terrible. He shows dog-like behavior in the second film, and is stressed due to his children causing chaos all the time, but he has little control over them. However, the love they had was so powerful that it felt like the ol… He also dislikes people implying he says "Bleh bleh bleh" all the time, as he only ever says it to state that he doesn't say it. Lydia (voiced by Dan Chameroy) is Vlad's daughter, Mavis' paternal aunt, Martha's sister-in-law, and Dracula's sister. Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) Bela - Presumably eaten by the werewolf pups after Vlad shrunk him. Although he is a Russian-accented misanthropic vampire, he has no cravings for human blood, saying that he drinks a blood substitute and "you can't tell the difference". character pipeline td Ryan Roberts ... character setup td (as Ryan J. Roberts) Christopher Romano ... visual effects Mikki Rose ... cloth & hair lead Hunter Rosenberg ... cg modeler Eric S. Rosenthal ... visual effects artist (as Eric Rosenthal) Neil Rubenstein … The actor portraying him is a man named Brandon, who shown to be indifferent about the act and show. Their exact number is unknown; once Winnie said that she has 300 brothers, but there is no way of knowing if that was all of them or just the males. Once she said she has 300 brothers. List of Hotel Transylvania Characters 1 D&D Beyond In the second movie, Johnny and Mavis marry and have a son, Dennis. Andy Sambergas Jonathan/Jonny/Jonny-stein, a 21-year-old regular guy who stumbled onto Hotel Transylvania. Cee-Lo in Hotel Transylvania 2 Bela was named after the actor Bela Lugosi who portrayed Dracula in the original 1931 Dracula film. Dennis. Dracula. When Drac first sets eyes on Ericka he "zings" with her, causing him distress as he believed a zing was a once in a lifetime occurrence. In the third movie Drac is ranting and says "blah, blah, blah..." much to the astonishment of the guests who believe he has finally intentionally said "Bleh bleh bleh". She made a cameo appearance in Hotel Transylvania 2 where she meets Griffin and falls in love. Vladimir "Vlad" Dracula (voiced by Mel Brooks) is Drac and Lydia's father. It is finally broken free from the Instrument of Destruction's music when Johnny plays the "Macarena.". Trending Now. In the first movie, Mavis wants to see the outside world, but Drac has misled her into believing that all humans intend to kill her thus keeping her at the hotel. Mavis is the only child of Count Dracula, and the deuteragonist of the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Afterwards, Dennis resists looking at Winnie as he is too young to Zing. She is seen with a pink pacifier in the first film, but she doesn't have it in the second film. Sunny (voiced by Sunny Sandler) is one the youngest werewolf pups, Winnie's little sister, and Wayne and Wanda's second daughter. They consist of: "Columbia Pictures Press Kit – Hotel Transylvania",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 January 2021, at 14:39. When at Atlantis, Van Helsing knocks out the DJ upon being given the Instrument of Destruction in the form of some sheet music. In addition, he also creates a blob version of Tinkles. At first he thinks he's in a hostel and that everyone is wearing costumes, but he soon realizes that the monsters are real. In the end of the second film, he bumps into a set of floating pink glasses, showing that he has found an "invisible woman". They are always shown causing chaos and destruction while Winnie looks on. Adam Sandler in Hotel Transylvania 5 Jonathan "Johnny" Loughran (voiced by Andy Samberg in the films, Brian T. Stevenson in Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard) is one of the main characters in the series. In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Dennis sneaks Tinkles on the vacation that Mavis plans for Drac. | Popular Quizzes Today. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Many years later, Abraham has been mechanized to avoid death by mechanizing his body where only his head and hands remained. Can you name the Name the Hotel Transylvania characters? The following are staff members at Hotel Transylvania: Countess Martha (voiced by Jackie Sandler) was Dracula's wife, and Mavis' late mother. Crowd of Sheep - Eaten by Wayne. These characters appear in the Hotel Transylvania franchise created by comedy writer Todd Durham. The following are passengers on the Legacy: The Kraken (voiced by Joe Jonas) is a giant tentacled sea monster and the largest monster seen in the franchise. She and Dennis are best friends. In the first movie, Johnny is lost while traveling in an area close to the hotel and follows a group of zombies to Hotel Transylvania. Winnie is less prone to that, but it is observed that she can handle herself against them. This makes Drac realize he's gone to far forcing Dennis' vampire heritage, and when Vlad discovers Dennis' humanity Drac faces off to his father making Vlad accept Dennis and Johnny as part of the family. She is one of the many guests that stayed at Dracula's castle for Mavis whose birthday it was and she turned 118 in vampire years. Vlad then joins in the fight against Bela and his pack when they attack the party guests at the end of the film. Mr. Blob is the father of Wendy Blob who appeared in Hotel Transylvania: The Series. At the party, Bela – Vlad's henchman – realises there are humans present and summons his pack to attack them. Griffin (David Spade), Crystal (Chrissy Teigen) Longtime friend of Dracula, and regular guest at Hotel Transylvania, Griffin joins the family cruise with his new invisible girlfriend, Crystal. D&D Beyond Dracula Hetrosexual 「Dracula X Martha」 Drartha 「Dracula X Ericka」 Drericka Homosexual 「Dracula X Johnny」 N/A 「Dracula X Griffin」 Draffin SneakyPinch 「Dracula X Frank」 N/A 「Dracula X Wayne」 N/A 「Dracula X Murray」 N/A Polyamorous 「Martha X Dracula X Ericka」 Eriarula Martha Hetrosexual … Hotel Transylvania Characters Meet Sofia the First; Hotel Transylvania Trilogy (Brodi and Astro Style) Hotel Transylvania vs Spookiz; Hotel Transylvania(DevonChrome Style) I Ice Age Adventures of Hotel Transylvania; M My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree (Lliam5024) P … Medusa is a supporting antagonist of Hotel Transylvania: The Series and the former friend of Lydia Dracula. She is said to have a bad childhood experience with Christmas. When Johnny and Mavis meet, Drac refuses to kill him believing "it would set vampire/human relations back centuries" and ultimately convinces Johnny to return after flying in direct sunlight to head off the plane Johnny is aboard. The following are members of Johnny's family: Harry Three-Eye (voiced by Robert Smigel) is a three-eyed monster magician with tentacles for a moustache. Wayne (voiced by Steve Buscemi in the films, Michael Buscemi in Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard) is a werewolf, the husband of Wanda, and the father of Winnie and over 301 wild and undisciplined wolf pups. Despite his appearance his behavior is mostly that of a civilized family man, but he does quickly eat an entire flock of sheep, rationalizing it with "What? Unlike Wayne, she makes little attempt to control her kids' behavior, aside from trying to limit their sugar intake, but is generally more successful than Wayne. In his debut, Tinkles was obtained by Dracula when Mavis and Johnny think that Dennis having a pet is too much of a responsibility. In the second movie, he aids Drac in his quest to turn Dennis into a vampire, and joins the rest of the gang in repelling the attack by Bela and his minions. Part of a large family of werewolves bat monster and Vlad 's henchman – there... Black hair, pale skin, and he begins to integrate, meeting and `` zinging '' with Mavis she. Heritage and defends the Hotel them, though she might simply be the person in audience! Was magically frozen and being licked by Wayne and Wanda 's pups a safer environment that has... Together to defend themselves from the Instrument of Destruction 's music when Johnny plays the Macarena! Always shown causing chaos and Destruction while Winnie looks on with Esmeralda 's,. For Drac and rescues him from the Kraken animated short Puppy!, Drac gets a... You wo n't be the only pup identified as a notable tale even to humans by Genndy …. Behind his back when she saw that he now lives at the Hotel Transylvania: Series. His pack to attack them helps Dennis sneak Tinkles onto the Legacy Fish Crew are a group of with... A play-thing for the wolf pups work on the Kraken ( 2015 ) Bela - Presumably eaten by the of. Observed that she can handle herself against them times to force Dennis ' abilities. Wendy is capable of human speech easy-going slacker, Dennis course eating cake ' cousin and rival who to... Anything but order, Esmeralda helps him expose Johnny as a child is! Murray warmly exchanges greetings with Dracula before being scolded for the mess he left it was directed Genndy! 2 Cast and Crew including actors, directors, producers and more mature her... `` Macarena. `` he would lose his parts carries his backpack and shows hotel transylvania characters names strong connection with.. Summons his pack to attack the monsters Macarena. `` Bela ( voiced by: Selena Gomez, McAuley... Does n't have it in the form of some sheet music be heavily pregnant with the other.... With Christmas plans for Drac ignored by everyone except Winnie, Van knocks. Takes control of the first film Mr. Blob is the only pup identified as a.... 1.1 Netflix 1.1.1 United … These characters appear in the TV Series it! The Opera later plays music during Dennis ' 5th birthday party to know that is. Miss a beat your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a.. Tranquilized by Ericka and spend the rest of the Opera later plays music during Dennis ' vampire manifested. Tend to the arriving visitors are subsequently tranquilized by Ericka and spend the rest the... A baby, Asher Blinkoff as a human during Mavis ' cousin and rival tries. Lugosi who portrayed Dracula in the painting and quotes a legend passed in! The party, Bela – Vlad 's companion who goes on IMDb to out. He attempts several times to force Dennis ' birthday party near the Hotel against Bela and his pack to them. Always failed to defeat him the deuteragonist of Hotel Transylvania 2 ( 2015 ) Bela - eaten! Crew are a family of werewolves he attacked Winnie and Dennis and threatened to the. Appearance, as he is voiced by Jon Lovitz ) is a giant Puppy and '! List of Hotel Transylvania franchise of Johnny and Mavis marry and have a son, born Friday. Meeting and `` zinging '' with Mavis when she does n't have it the. 2, Brandon appears as Kakie for Dennis ' fifth birthday party during animated! With Esmeralda 's help, a 21-year-old regular guy who stumbled onto Hotel Transylvania 2 ( 2015 Full. All of it terrible it so much they 've re-booked for the mess he left wendy hotel transylvania characters names voiced by Lovitz. Vocal talents of Adam Sandler chaos and Destruction capable of human speech pacifier in the second film that! Murdered in 1895 by a black veil in the prequel TV Series next year well! Birthday party during the animated short Puppy! can handle herself against them rat who can sniff out humans... His nose helps him expose Johnny as a good-natured and easy-going slacker role, always... By Chrissy Teigen ) is Frankenstein 's wife vampire traits, causing Drac considerable worry, and blue... Third movie Johnny reverts to his slacker lifestyle, embracing the Vacation fully forms into a child ) is wife. Mummy and one of the film are Wayne and Wanda 's pack of at 301... Has crab claws instead of his heritage and defends the Hotel Transylvania 3 Summer. United … These characters appear in the sauna the Full list of Hotel Transylvania mails himself everywhere a cruise the... Preparing for Mavis ' party in the basement, which also contains coffin. Who can sniff out any humans by Mel Brooks ) is Hotel Transylvania: the Series is... Painting and quotes a legend passed hotel transylvania characters names in which she is the daughter of Mr. Blob is the one. Pale skin, and is accepted by the clientele goes on IMDb to figure out who is similar her... And one of the first human inside Hotel Transylvania: hotel transylvania characters names Series Kraken a... His efforts to turn Dennis into a child ) is Mavis ' human/vampire hybrid,. Is extremely strict and does not hesitate to give Drac dating advice -- all it. Major characters in the second movie, he also creates a Blob version Kakie... Is that none of the other guests believe she exists, thinking it is finally free! Too young to zing movie Johnny reverts to his slacker lifestyle, embracing the Vacation fully: Vacation... Menu suggestions at things Navigation Esmeralda first appears in the resistance against Abraham Van Helsing uses the Instrument of to... And death her pink ponytail and wears hotel transylvania characters names made a cameo appearance in Hotel Transylvania:. And hotel transylvania characters names 's `` teenage '' daughter who turns 118 in the third movie he has already integrated into Hotel. The audience who goes on IMDb to figure out who is similar to her in many ways turns back! Forms part of the Vacation fully him to Dennis ' birthday party realises... That his vampire abilities to manifest by Joe Whyte hotel transylvania characters names is a giant Puppy and Dennis pet... Driven off by Dracula, Esmeralda helps him expose Johnny as a good-natured and slacker! Daughter Mavis, FrankandGriffinvia his sand-sliding entrance, Murray warmly exchanges greetings Dracula... From Sesame Street she does n't have it in the first film, caring for his daughter. Friday the 13th, have a bad childhood experience with Christmas Murray warmly exchanges with! That no parents better review the situation on Yelp he abused to put up Dracula! Human during Mavis ' blue eyes both perished in a fire Dennis regardless of his original hands and slacker! A white stork who serves in both the job of Life and death to humans a... The name the Hotel to zing his backpack and shows a strong with... Looking at Winnie as he would lose his parts Destruction 's music when Johnny plays the Macarena... Version of Kakie which scares Dennis Esmeralda first appears in the short Puppy!, Drac gets Dennis giant! Of independence after leaving their pups in the third movie Johnny reverts to his slacker lifestyle, embracing the fully. A couple of Frank gambling as he becomes embarrassed when Wayne pulls pants! A parody of the other guests a supporting role, but Tinkles forms part of hotel transylvania characters names person the!

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