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A Jack Russell is a hunting dog by nature and has a strong desire to please their owners and will express the most happiness when they are presented with a job, tasks, or even daily exercise. Jack Russell temperament. Here are the key personality traits and details you need to understand. The Jack Russell Terrier: A Working Dog The Jack Russell is a happy, bold, energetic dog; they are extremely loyal, intelligent and assertive. The Jack Russell is a baying terrier, meaning the dog should flush out the fox with steady barking but is … All personality traits mentioned in this post about Jack Russell’s are the majority of what you will experience if you ultimately decide to adopt. All dogs are willing to work to please their owners if you are willing to provide them the opportunity. A Parson Jack Russell Terrier may be right for you. Terrier Owner was born to share our story and help as many other Terrier Owners Along The Way As Possible! If I was considering a Jack Russell Terrier, I would be most concerned about... Jack Russell Terriers thrive when you find interesting things for them to do that challenge their minds, such as agility training (obstacle course), advanced obedience training, flyball, or "earthdog" training (where terriers dig and tunnel after small critters who are secured in a sturdy cage so they can't be harmed). They get mixed temperament from their parents. Entertaining Temperament of Jack Russell Terrier. [Critical Info to Understand], The Personality of a Jack Russell [9 Common Personality Traits], How Much Exercise Does A Jack Russell Need[Full Guide], Caring for A Jack Russell [Jack Russell’s 101 + 8 Tips], Jack Russell’s and Jumping [How High, How Often + Ending It], Jack Russell Terriers with Children [Pros, Cons + Advice & Tips], Why Is My Jack Russel Digging? The Jack Russell Terrier personality is dedicated and confident. The mix of the two very different purebreds might see… They generally have pretty scruffy fur with smooth, floppy ears and a patterned coat. I wanted to ensure that a Jack Russell’s personality would be a good fit for my other dog and my entire family. Constant shedding (lots of white hairs everywhere), Mouthiness – chewing on things, carrying things around, mouthing your hands in play, Potential aggression toward other animals, You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from an, If you want a puppy, you can avoid some negative traits by choosing the, Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by. About the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers. Most Jack Russell Terriers are happy-go-lucky and friendly with strangers. While this breed may be small in size, standing between 10 to 14 inches in height, … Trust me, it is much better to use that intelligence positively. Before sending you on your way with a list of 9 personality traits to think about, I wanted to point out one last thing. It is also essential to understand this... Are Bull Terriers Good Apartment Dogs [You Should Know This]. [+How to Stop Digging] →, Disciplining a Jack Russell Terrier[Best Methods+ Tips] →, How Much Does A Jack Russell Terrier Cost? Most terrier breeds are remarkably similar. They make great household pets and … It is up to you as the potential owner to mold your Jack Russell and make them a loving dog for the entire family. The Jack Russell terrier is a true working terrier. By the end of this post, you should not only understand some of the key personality traits that Jack Russell’s possess but also understand how this can be beneficial to you and your family as Jack Russell owners. Jack Russell lifestyle. The Yorkie Russell is an outcome of crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with the Jack Russel Terrier known for its small size, cute demeanor and fluffy appearance. This bright, clever, athletic breed is on top of everything that's going on in his environment. The Whippet and Itali… JRTs are not apartment dogs, nor are they suited to people who work a lot. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated and can be any colour. Again, if you effectively work with them to behave in a calm manner and allow them to burn off some steam when time permits by actively participating in physical or mental activities with them, you will be in excellent shape. If you keep two Jack Russells, it is safest to separate them when you leave the house. All rights reserved. Part of my curiosity and research revolved around ensuring that I understood the personality or a Jack Russell. Understanding Jack Russell’s And Their Common Behavior. Work with your Jack Russell even if it is for a few minutes a day to ensure their personality traits are used to a maximum benefit. These dogs are brilliant, fearless, vocal, and athletic dogs. They especially can be aggressive toward other dogs. The content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Very intelligent. This makes them begin to understand what is allowed and what is not allowed in your household. The Jack Russell has been strictly bred for hunting since its beginning in the early 1800s. If any dog can top the high energy level of a Fox Terrier, it might be a Jack Russell. Bull Terriers are known for their energy and quirky personality. But some Jack Russells are so brash and fearless they will take on a Rottweiler if it even looks cross-eyed at them. About the Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terriers are packed full of personality and character, and can out-run and exhaust dogs of a much larger size. While it is entirely possible to so, future or current Jack Russell owners need to realize that this dog needs an outlet to burn off steam and energy. [+How to Do It], link to Are Bull Terriers Good Apartment Dogs [You Should Know This], Breaking Down the Personality of a Jack Russell Terrier, 9 Most Common Personality Traits Jack Russell’s Possess, Tips to Working with and Raising A Jack Russell Terrier, Can Jack Russell’s Eat Eggs? But in the presence of strange dogs, keep them close and under control. The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting in England. The best advice I can give you to effectively handle this side of their personality is to always be training your Jack Russell. While the Jack Russell is certainly considered hyper, they are also completely capable of adapting to the movement and speed of the household and acting accordingly. I recommend these dog training videos that are based on respect and leadership. They make for excellent pets, but I do 100% believe that it is vital that you understand what to expect and have a good grasp of a Jack Russell’s personality in advance. Jack Russell Terrier Puppies If you are looking for a precious little Jack Russell Terrier that is healthy, and has a sweet temperament, then this is the right place for you! Grooming - Both the Dachshund and Jack Russell Terrier are easy to groom. Be sure to share those thoughts, stories, and concerns by dropping a comment below. Jack Russell’s has been a famous and popular dog for quite some time. The exploratory and hunting instincts of Jack Russell Terriers are legendary. Jack Russell Terriers are intelligent, versatile and incredibly fearless for their size, but also fun loving and extremely loyal which makes them the ideal family companion when properly trained. Because of their broad genetic make-up, there is some variance in … Can Jack Russell’s Eat Eggs? The Jack Russell terrier is a true working terrier. Part of doing this effectively means that you understand the potential dog you are planning to adopt from about every angle. Jack Russell Breed Overview. They are so smart and willing to learn that they make the process easy for you. The Rat Terrier was bred to be an all-purpose farm dog whose job was to kill rats and other vermin as well as to hunt small game. The breed is naturally assertive and may not tolerate young children or other animals in the home. They would be excellent for it and certainly have the personality for it. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, we see the emergence of a new type of dog out of the US, the Rat Terrier. Jack Russell’s makes for excellent family pets. This is another reason for the Jack Russell breed being so vocal. Jack Russell’s crave and need the ability to move around. The Jack Russell Terrier is primarily a hunting dog. However, these dogs are alert and make good watchdogs. To streamline this post and to make it easy to navigate, I have created easy to navigate links directly below that will allow you to skip around in this post as you deem necessary. [The Details] →, Jack Russell’s Behavior and Temperament [The Good & The Bad] →. Nonetheless, frequently barking in the early days and vocalizing their opinions is a personality trait you can expect from a Jack Russell. That is what this entire blog post is going to be dedicated to. [Critical Info to Understand] →, The Personality of a Jack Russell [9 Common Personality Traits] →, How Much Exercise Does A Jack Russell Need[Full Guide] →, Caring for A Jack Russell [Jack Russell’s 101 + 8 Tips] →, Jack Russell’s and Jumping [How High, How Often + Ending It] →, Jack Russell Terriers with Children [Pros, Cons + Advice & Tips] →, Why Is My Jack Russel Digging? For example, when I let my Jack Russell and yellow lab outside to potty or just to roam around for a bit, she will run and chase my other dog in a playful manner, and they could keep up this routine for hours. link to How Much Exercise Does A Bull Terrier Need? The Jack Tzu, or Russeltzu, as it is also known, is a popular hybrid breed, developed by crossing two purebred dogs. Jack Russell terriers were also made to dig after and burrow in the ground to find small animals which tried to escape. I found this to be imperative for several critical reasons, such as the fact that I already own a 6-year-old yellow lab, and I also have a young 4-year-old son. I just have found that these are the most common traits that they display day after day. All may appear to go well for a while – even a long while. No part of this website may be copied, displayed on another website, or distributed in any way without permission from the author. It is normal to be curious about how much exercise a Bull Terrier requires or needs. Jack Russell’s also have more personality traits than these 9 I am going to break down for you today. Every Jack Russell is different, so it is entirely plausible that you experience some of these traits more dramatically than others will. While we are on the topic of training a Jack Russell, I found it fitting to slide right into discussing a positive personality trait that a JR possesses that not all dogs are capable of matching at the same levels. The way your Jack Russell ultimately behaves falls back on you as the owner and what you allow them to do and how you train them. How Much Exercise Does A Bull Terrier Need? The Jackshund, or Jackweenie, is a designer dog created by crossing the Jack Russell Terrierwith a Dachshund. Here are the personality traits that trump them all. The Jack Russell is a stubborn and tenacious animal because of breed development for hunting from English White Terrier. All dogs need some love and safe home, but a Jack Russell surely can do more and wants to do more if you allow it. So, while they are hyper and have a lot of energy, do not misunderstand this personality trait for something negative. Most Jack Russell Terriers are outgoing and friendly to other dogs, but some can be fairly aggressive. Generally, Jack Russells don’t suffer from major health problems. Thanks again, and we will see you next time. If any dog can top the hard-as-nails hunting skills of a Border Terrier, it might be a Jack Russell. But with this breed, a seemingly amiable relationship can suddenly flare into deadly combat over something as innocuous as possession of a chew toy. Lively and tenacious, it's easy to see why the Jack Russell Terrier was popular as a hunting companion in the Victorian era. Without the exercise, they are going to become more stressed and show that bottled up energy in a much more negative way. Regardless of which dog you ultimately adopt, Luna and I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming journey. He requires full participation in the family and vigorous daily play sessions, especially ball chasing, which he tends to be passionate about – even obsessive. ], Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Family Pets? Very much an individual. However, the energy is something you can control, and your Jack Russell will adapt to the speed and overall feel of the household. If you are not familiar with how this dog is built, it is impressive. I have even had to find her before tunneling under our porch to hunt some rabbits. The Jack Russell terrier is athletics, clever and entertaining canine. These dogs will "go to ground" after anything that moves and they will stay in or by the hole for hours, even days. Keep training your Jack Russell to not bark in situations where you desire them not too. My Jack Russell could learn commands, walking on a leash properly, and picking up on subtle cues and routines in my household at extremely fast speeds. Created by Reverend Russell for fox hunting, determined with game, he is also today an excellent companion dog. Do you have any other further personality traits that you believe should be added to this post? Highlights Temperament: lively, alert, curious Height at the shoulder: 10-15 inches Weight: 13-17 lbs. Temperament and behavior are also shaped by raising and training. The same words are used over and over -- quick to bark, quick to chase, lively, bossy, feisty, scrappy, clever, … The Jack Russell Terrier breed started with a small white Fox Terrier…a female by the name of "Trump". Too little exercise, too little companionship, and too little mental stimulation will quickly lead to boredom, which will in turn lead to destructive behaviors. The hardest part of training a Jack Russell is convincing this cheerful but assertive little guy that he actually has to DO what he has learned, when you say so, even when he's not in the mood. Remember that praising good behaviors is always better than scolding negative behavior.

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