October 27, 2015


A key factor for the growth of any business is the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing clients. While customer acquisition is a key goal, it poses challenges, including potentially high marketing costs and efforts needed to close a sale. Companies, regardless of size and geography are looking to:

• Expand their customer base through our outbound or Inbound Telesales Services.
• Minimize costs and customer acquisition lead times and boast up Cross-sell and Up-selling Programs.
• Improve customer relationships by creating effective loyalty programs and direct Marketing and regaining the hold of dropped off by proper data minining.
VIRGO offers customized end to end customer acquisition solutions that address the Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media and Healthcare industries.


Our Customer Services are are unparalel to Expand your Customer Base :

1. Customer acquisition through
1.1 Outboun TeleSales
1.2 Inbound Telesales
1.3 Cross-selling and up selling
1.4 Direct Marketing.
1.5 Data Mining
1.6 Mailroom activities

2. Back Office Services
2.1 Application Processing
2.2 Order Management
2.3 Account Activation
2.4 Funding
2.5 New Policy Processing
2.6 Membership and Enrollment

3. Process Efficiency for Customer
3.1 Survey
3.2 Data Verification
3.3 Sales Verification
3.4 Provider Verification

Our primary channels for providing all of the services could be voice or Non-voice as per our clients guidline.

VIRGO delivers effective solutions that:

• Increase the customer base through outbound sales telemarketing
• Provide better up sell and cross sell by leveraging inbound sales centers
• Deploy motivated and certified customer acquisition teams

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