November 28, 2019


In an intensely competitive marketplace products can become commodities and services the true differentiators. Managing and exceeding customer expectations by providing services while reining in costs is a real challenge for companies worldwide.
In a hyper competitive environment, global organizations are striving to:

• Improve customer service quality
• Improve customer retention
• Ensure security of customer data and information
• Manage customer service expectations and costs

VIRGO offers customized end to end customer acquisition solutions that address the Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media and Healthcare industries.


Our Mission critical Services are here to ensure your Customer and Data Security in product/service life cycle like:
1. Credit Cards
1.1 General customer service
1.2 Fraud detection
1.3 Cross-selling and up selling
1.4 Customer analytics for retention and loyalty
2. Mortgages
2.1 Account administration
2.2 Customer request processing
2.3 Refunds processing
3. Retail Banking
3.1 Account maintenance
3.2 Account enquiries
3.3 Address change
3.4 Credit request
3.5 Statement request
3.6 E-mail service support
3.7 correspondence and fax
4. Property & Causality
4.1 Remittance processing
4.2 Renewals, endowments
4.3 Billing
5. Telecom and Media
5.1 IVR auto attend
5.2 Billing and helpdesk
5.3 Account management

You make more profits, because we are offshore call center in Bangladesh. And we abundantly get loads of tech savvy English speaking university graduates in a fraction of conventional wages.

Anytime you think you are not making a minimum of 25% savings per hr / sales with us, you can terminate our contract unilaterally.

We will find a better, more economic solution for any business problem that you may face. Please call with us right away at or Click here to send a mail. Our professional business development team is waiting to help with your business process to fit outsourcing model. We promise to help and will respond to your query within 24 hours.

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