October 27, 2015


gisVirgo has always explored new opportunities to enhance the quality and quantity of services to wider customer base with diverse technological needs. We provide the following services for our valued clients:

•Mapping & GIS : Virgo provides an array of services from setting up data dictionaries to full GPS data collection and inventory. Virgo field crews are equipped with the latest in GPS technology.
Our company utilizes industry leading professional technology from Autodesk, and ESRI to develop GIS solutions in the most efficient and accurate means possible. We specialize in converting archived paper maps and documents to digital data sets, both preserving and increasing the accessibility of such data.
•Aerial Photography : Our analytical photogrammetry department and aerial mapping is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the nation. A series of strict quality control checks throughout the production process ensure that all digital mapping projects meet or exceed National Map Accuracy Standards.

•Standard Satellite Imagery : Standard imagery is well suited for visual analysis image classification, as a backdrop for GIS and mapping applications that require a modest level of accuracy and as the basis for doing your own orthorectification .

•Software Development: Virgo provides Topology-based, engineering CAD software within the scope of Package software. In this context, we offer service in many fields such as:

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