October 27, 2015


erpThe ERP platform, with built-in CRM and SCM capabilities, offers organizations sharp insights into and control over operations across the value chain through a single application.

Key functionalities :

• Finance
• Manufacturing
• Sales
• Supply chain management
• Retail
• Contracting
• Auto dealership management
• Human resources and payroll

Key business benefits:

• Seamless integration with single-application access to all business processes
• Enterprise-class scalability
• Adaptability with easy feature and function customization to cope with rapidly changing business scenarios
• Ease of implementation with a user-friendly interface, smooth data integration, and detailed documentation
• Increased profitability with greater supply chain flexibility and quicker response time to new geographies and opportunities
• Lower Total Cost of Ownership
• Increased customer loyalty with collaborative tools
• Better, sharper decision-making with incisive analytical and reporting toolsFor the first time, i`m offering my theselfemployed.com/article/how-to-become-a-self-employed-freelance-writer-tips-on-pursuing-a-career-online popular webinar and conference session topic how to write a short book fast